Tefl Game

A great way to involve your students in actively using English is through the use of TEFL Games. Research shows that TEFL Games are an essential part of learning any language as it presents a practical scenario for any given lesson.

Most English teachers agree that using TEFL games in the classroom is not only a break from the concentration and seriousness the learning atmosphere for their student but also for themselves.

It is important to be able to maintain energy and attention of your students and using TEFL Games breaks away from the monotonous side of the classroom, to the the fun side of learning (and teaching) .

There are so many TEFL Games out there a simple Google search will find about a million, most of which are the same games reinvented, but you can break them down to one simple Scenario. A question which needs an answer.

Quizzes, Card Games, Name Games, Hot Seat, Miming all get the Student thinking about an answer and then using their English knowledge in and interactive manner with immediate gratification from the result.

Not sure about Games yet ? Take a look at our examples below or Take a look at this TEFL Games website

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