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If you want to TEFL in Spain, you’re not alone! Spain is one of the most popular TEFL destinations around the world and there are incredible opportunities for you if you’re ready to bask in the sun, enjoy some sangria & make Spain your new home away from home!

Training & Experience
Spain is one of the world’s top TEFL destinations and the competition for jobs is really high, which means you’re unlikely to get work there unless you have a high level of TEFL training and some experience of teaching English learners. So if you’re heart is set on sunny Spain, we’d suggest our top of the range EDI CertTEFL.

Education Required
If you’re an EU national, you can search for work in Spain the same way you would in your home country. If you’re not an EU national, you’ll need a university degree in order to get your work visa. However, we highly recommend you conduct your own research for visa requirements.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Many jobs in Spain require fluency in English, so the demand for native English TEFL teachers is huge!
In fact, English language lessons are compulsory in all state schools and while positions are usually
only offered to the more experienced TEFL teachers, pretty much every town and city has at least one Academia de Inglés that may employ less experienced teachers.

TEFL jobs in Spain can be found in any number of different settings, from state schools and kindergartens to private tuition and language schools.

Currency: Like most members of the EU, Spain’s official currency is the euro.
Salary & Perks: Firstly, remember salaries & perks always vary! The average salary will vary from €700 – €1,000 per month, but this will depend on the type of school in which you teach. Accommodation is usually not included in your package. You can also earn extra cash doing private tutoring, where you’ll usually earn €10 – €25 an hour.
Cost of Living: The cost of living will vary based on the part of Spain in which you live. In general, the cost of living is reasonable but definitely not cheap. You should expect prices similar to those in the Western world and make sure you avoid the tourist hot spots! If you do your research
and know where to eat and hang out, you can have some significant euro savings!

Top Cities

Madrid – Spain’s capital is probably the biggest market for TEFL jobs in the country. It is one of the largest cities in Europe, and as the capital, it is home to many of the country’s largest businesses and educational institutes.

Barcelona – Perhaps Spain’s most feted city and capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is also one of the country’s top TEFL destinations. There’s a well developed TEFL job market in the city and the opportunities to teach English are largely varied. Everyone from language institutes and state schools through to businesses and private clients are looking to learn English from native speakers.

Seville – Seville is the capital of the beautiful southern province of Andalusia. While it doesn’t offer the sheer number of jobs available in Madrid and Barcelona, there is still a well developed TEFL job market and the cost of living is lower, so you can live comfortably on a TEFL teacher’s salary.

Destination Types & Weather

Each city has its own unique charm and offers lots of opportunity for people looking to teach English in Spain. Spain is not a place to grow rich and save, but if having a memorable time is more important to you than having loads of cash in the bank, Spain might be the perfect choice.
Spanish weather can vary greatly from region to region.
In the north you’ll find mild winters and summers, while the temperatures can be more extreme the further south you travel.


Tapas, sangria, paella… Mmm! Spain offers you some incredible flavours in both food and drinks. The best way
to sample a lot of different foods is to go for ‘tapas’ with a glass of tinto (red wine)! This is your chance to have loads of different snacks, and it is usually served throughout the day. Food can range from meat delicacies, like roast lamb and beef, to seafood if you’re living along the coast. Paella, one of the most popular foods from Spain, gives you a whole medley of rice, seasoning, vegetables and usually seafood or meat.

Things to try:
There are loads of incredible foods to try. Tortilla Espanola! You’ve probably had eggs, potatoes and onions before… but the Tortilla Espanola combines these tasty foods into one big omelette. It’s not as adventurous as frog legs but
for many newbies in Spain, it can be quite unusual… but delicious. Bacalao con tomate is simply cold fish with a tomato sauce, a very popular and unique dish! Tinto verano is red wine with lemonade and is pretty hard to beat on a hot day (which is most days!)…

TEFL Here If…
You thrive in the warm weather and like a laid back lifestyle. It’s also an incredible destination if you want to learn Spanish, as you’ll have the chance to practice all the time!

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