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Could the Future of Online Teaching be Calls powered by cryptocurrencies ?

A new App will be launched this year that could revolutionize the way online teaching works. The App uses a cryptocurrency called EXY that can be cashed in for Dollar or Euro or any conventional currency.

The idea is simple.

The App is a Skype-like application that can be used on your phone or desktop computer. When someone calls you on the App you get paid.

That’s it.

The App called “Experty” aims to revolutionise the way knowledge can be monitised on the internet.

The teacher can set their own minute rate and availability on the App and the payment is transferred instantly, so no waiting for a third party to pay your wage.

Take a look at the short explainer video below.

The Experty App is not a market place, so in other words there is no search engine for users to find you. Instead they have made it easy for you to tell your customers how to connect with you with a simple link or QR code that brings them directly to your Experty Profile which shows the services you offer as well as your consultation rate.

This link can be added to your social media profile or website as a means to contact you.

It’s a new idea that they hope to see mass adoption in the next 3 years.

They are still in the development stages of the App but it is due to launch in May or June.

If you are interested in ICO offers there is still time to register on their website at

You can download their White Paper here


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