About Us is a new online tool to help teachers find tefl jobs and recruiters to find tefl teachers.

When You post a Job on several things happen to your job post.

  1. It Gets Shared with our Social Media Followers (7000 + and rising)
  2. It Gets added to our TEFL Jobs Map
  3. It Gets added to our TEFL Jobs App (Launching in April)


  • A Recruiter Profile Page
  • Access to Registered CVs
  • 10 FREE Job Posts
  • Jobs Post last for 90 days

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The motivation is to make the whole recruitment process easier and simpler. We know it can be complicated and we certainly don’t claim to have made it entirely automatic but you have to agree its a lot more organized and user friendly


Our site is for tefl teachers and esl recruiters. If you dont know what “esl” or “tefl” means this site is not for you. We have created a site which makes applying for jobs simple and recruiting teachers quicker.

How is applying for a job simpler ?

You can apply for a job with just 1 click. You can literally click 1 button and the recruiter gets sent a link to your profile where they can view your CV , intro letter and photo.

Why is searching for tefl jobs simpler ?

We have simplified searching for a job… I cant speak for everybody, but our experience of searching for tefl jobs is a time consuming process which involves reading miles of text.

We have created a site which lists job details like location, school type, qualification needed and perks in one line, so that from reading one line you can see exactly what the job entails.

Want to know more info ?

You click on the title and it opens down to reveal all the details , you don’t even have to leave the page… can we make it easier ?

Yes we did ! there is an “Apply” button there, click it and as I said above, it sends your details to the recruiter… the only thing you have to do is make sure you profile is completed, otherwise you’ll be sending nothing.

Otherwise you can “Save” the job to your profile and you can apply later if you’re profile is not ready.

TJ-Mail-Banner-04-16Why is it good for RECRUITERS ?

You get an email from the applicant (nothing new there) but you also get a % rating , which matches your job details with the teacher details , so if you are looking for a female Canadian with 3 years experience and a degree and a male American with 1 year experience and no degree applies , he will have a low % rating and with reading one line of text you can see whether they qualify or not.

You also get a profile page !

So that when a teacher views your job they also get a list of ALL the jobs you have on the site and they can review your details , with links to website and facebook, among lots of other features.

What else ?

You can search for teachers on our system … And yes we made it easier and quicker. You can search teachers by nationality, sex, education and experience. Simple, it is as it should be.

Go for it.

The motivation is to make the whole process easier and simpler. We know its a complicated process and we certainly don’t claim to have made it entirely automatic but you have to agree its a lot more organised.

BTW, if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them .

We wish you all the best, Dave and Donal.

We’re trying to make it simpler for you, that’s the whole idea.

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