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5 Countries With Huge Demand for ESL Teachers

ESL teachers are in high demand all over the world. This allows a great opportunity for travel. It also guarantees a job and experience like no other.

Some countries need teachers more than others. If you were ever interested what those countries are, please continue reading and find out.

1) Vietnam

Teaching English in Vietnam is still one of the most memorable experiences. Vietnam tends to be the greatest growing market for ESL teachers, in all Asia.

This may not come as a surprise for those who were following the trend. As Vietnam’s economy has seen a boom lately. This opened up a lot of opportunities for ESL teachers.

This all is a good thing as you will find plenty of amazing things in Vietnam. Things to do and to experience. The salaries are respectable. While the costs of living are low, comparable to other countries like Thailand.

2) China

At the moment, China is the second largest economy in the world. Their population is well educated. As a country, they invest a lot in higher education. There is some basis in the truth about that stereotype.

It is no wonder that China is the biggest and largest market for ESL teachers in the world. The salary is not as high as in some other countries on the list. Despite that, it is the country where finding a job as an ESL teacher is easy.

You can be employed by a private school or company. You can find a job in a public school as well.

3) Taiwan

If you are interested in teaching in an urban environment of major cities, Taiwan is a place for you. The demand for ESL English teachers is not as high as in China. Nevertheless you will have enough opportunities.

The jobs are all in cities like Taipei. A metropolis is known for its amazing museums, giant skyscrapers and much more.

You might eventually get tired of concrete jungles. If that happens, you should be glad to know that Taiwan has some of the best beaches in the world. If you travel inland, you will find untouched mountains. Places ideal for bike rides, hiking, or even mountain climbing.

4) Japan

In recent years, Japan has seen an influx of freshly graduate ESL English teachers. As the requirements for getting a job was increased, the number of teachers has decreased.

These numbers are not large, or noticeable. As more and more new teachers came to live and work. That is not surprising considering that the salaries for ESL teachers are one of the highest in Asia.

There are more reasons to teach in Japan than just the high salary. The food is one of the best in the world. The people are some of the friendliest you will find.

Consider that many foreign English teachers have left Japan in the wake of the tsunamis, earthquakes and the Fukushima. Despite the problems, it is still one of the safest countries in the world.

5) South Korea

South Korea is becoming more and more popular among foreign English teachers. It is not surprising, considering that the salary is comparable to that in Japan. The benefits that come with the job are often even better.

It is considered that South Korea is the best destination for ESL teachers who want to start with high income. As not only can they earn considerable salaries, but they can also earn a lot from private lessons.

South Korea is a safe country with a lot of unexplored potentials. It allows teachers to take it easier. As the market is not as competitive as it is in Japan. Or even in China. While the country retains all the benefits found in those countries.


The choice of the country you want to travel to is up to you. This is a small sample of the ones we consider the best.

It always depends on what is it that you are looking for. Job safety, or excitement. High salaries, or easier jobs. It also depends on your experience. As it might be more difficult to start working in more competitive environments.

There is always an option of teaching in more than one country. If you feel really adventurous that is.

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