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Mingle TEFL Game

Find someone who…

Walk around. Ask a question. Find one person for each of the following.
When you find someone who, write the name of that person.

1. __________ is a new teacher.

2 __________ has a pet.

  1. __________ likes Thai food.
  2. __________ can swim.
  3. __________ has visited more than 5 countries.
  4. __________ can speak two or more languages.
  5. __________ has an interesting hobby.
  6. __________ was not born in the U.S.
  7. __________ is originally from California.
  8. __________ can count to ten in Japanese.
tefl games

Teacher-less activities

What are Teacher-less activities?
A teacher-less activity can loosely be defined as:
– an activity that involves students turning to one another as sources of knowledge, information, and opportunities to practice the target language.
– not teacher-fronted

Teacher-less activities…
o Are noisy and chaotic.
o Put students at the center.
o Allow students to control the pace.
o Allow students opportunities to negotiate meaning. o Encourage students to cooperate with one another. o Allow multiple levels in one classroom.
o Build community.
o Lower effective filters.
o Stimulate real conversation (and allow it).
o Allow teachers to act as participants.
o Avoid the “blah blah blah Ginger trap”.
o Are student friendly.
o Are VERY teacher friendly.
o Are FUN!