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Teach English abroad : China


If the 20th Century was an American Century, then the 21st looks set to belong to China. But rather than making everyone else learn Chinese, they’ve decided to learn English! Which is great news for TEFL teachers… Training & Experience A respectable TEFL qualification can go a long way! China is one of the biggest TEFL hotspots with a huge

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Telling the Time – Class Tips


Adult ESL learners have countless daily opportunities for listening and speaking in English as they interact as workers, family members, community members, and classroom learners. Some listening is non-face- to-face, such as listening to movies and broadcast media, listening on the phone, and listening to loudspeaker announcements. Most listening, however, combines short bursts of face-to-face listening interspersed with speaking

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Fluency Circles


Fluency Circles Preparation: Photocopy and cut up the fluency strips, making sure that you have one strip for each pair in the class. To start, divide the class in half and demonstrate to students that they should form two concentric circles. Each student in the outside circle should face a student in the inside circle, thus forming a pair.

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Mingle TEFL Game


Find someone who… Walk around. Ask a question. Find one person for each of the following. When you find someone who, write the name of that person. 1. __________ is a new teacher. 2 __________ has a pet. __________ likes Thai food. __________ can swim. __________ has visited more than 5 countries. __________ can speak two or more languages.

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